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My spam ain't got no body


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Getting a lot of spam over the last couple of days with no body text. It would appear that someone intended to mount a graymarket pharma campaign (since the subject lines all began with "Canadian" for the first 20 or so) but none of them had bodies. I added notes to this effect and reported them by pasting into SC (tracking link for one example).

They seem to come from all over, with a predominance of Latin American IP blocks.

Is anyone else seeing this? I'm beginning to wonder whether the bodies are getting chopped off somewhere before or inside SpamCop, since I find it hard to believe that even spammers can be so stupid as to send 20-30 runs in a row with no pitches in them (or maybe they are all just probes).

-- rick

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Never underestimate the stupidity of spammers Rick. I'm sure their fragile/half-arsed production methods continue to churn out all sorts of malformed "messages" by the million. Why should they care? But I haven't seen a "no body" spam in some time. Makes me think they might be more or less routinely filtered and dropped somewhere in these later times. An alternative to that would be that spammers are developing sentience and/or intelligence - which is prospect too horrible to contemplate (language skills might follow). So, looking at it this way, is it possible that there is some (former) filtering not now working (somewhere/anywhere) in the communications chain?

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