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Cookie forensics


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Noted from the GRC newsgroups:


This page displays each browsers' detailed current cookie data to assist visitors wishing to gain a deeper understanding into the precise cookie handling and privacy management features of their web browser:


Managing your GRC cookie

Q: Huh? A GRC cookie?!!

A: Yes. As new technologies are developed, GRC will be offering its visitors various optional new features and services. GRC's first-party cookie is 'sticky' (persistent) and if not blocked, it will be set, retained, and returned by your web browser to tell us what site features you have chosen to use.

Please also note that the GRC cookie contains a built-in "timestamp" that allows us to determine when the cookie was last set in your browser. This is used below and on our cookie exploration pages to provide you with feedback about the current operation of your browser's cookie management system.

So, with my IE7 set to ask about any cookies and steadfastly refusing all requests I ended up (on "refresh") with a complete set of first and third party persistent and transitory cookies. Splutter - what a revolting turn of events! Makes you think, yes? There ARE ways to make IE7, Firefox, etc. do what you think they should but it ain't at all obvious from the browser option menus. "Forensics" should help to reveal it all, if you're interested (and persistent). I don't think I'm persistent. But the people at grc.news.feedback are (not to mention Steve Gibson himself).
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