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Blogspot.com used as redirects


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Each 24-hour period we report spam as it comes in, but then move the spam from the Trash into a 'holding' folder for Knujon. This gives us a collection of each day's spam received in our spam traps.

Since January, we've culled out all the spammer domains at Geocities and Blogspot.

A one time high of 78 spams using Geocities.com redirect pages has slowly been reduced to only one or two per day through our regular and relentless reporting directly to Geocities. (They've actually thanked us for our efforts.) Today's catch held only one.

Blogspot.com however has been tougher to break. Google talks to no one. There is no means of reporting to Google -- even SpamCop reports are not accepted. Spammers set up Blogspot.com blogs which contain no data other than a redirect. Somehow they've been able to break Google's captcha.

Spammers learned that reporting systems like SpamCop will report to Blogger/Google rather than their redirects. They know Google ignors such reports. Unless you use the Blogger official "peer" reporting link -- which is a pain to use because you have to paste in each instance into an online form.

Try this experiment: Accumulate your spam into a 'holding' folder and each day do a search for "blogspot.com" ... you shouldn't get more than four or five. (now down from the 30 to 40 we were reporting back in February.)

Use this domain:


to report each. That's: http://tinyurl.com/273dmk

If you want to report the Geocities spammers, then use:

"Geocities Abuse" <abuse[at]geocities.com>, "Yahoo Abuse" <abuse[at]yahoo.com>

However I think over the past 60 days the spammers have gotten the message that it's just not worth the trouble of setting up digs at Geocities or Blogspot just for redirects.

Good luck

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Is abuse[at]geocities.com working again? I had been reporting through that address up until a couple months ago when it started bouncing and I had to switch to geo-alert[at]cc.yahoo-in.com.

The problem with the newer address though is that reports aren't handled consistently. Some get a reply saying they have taken action against the geocities domain, some get a reply saying that the email did not originate from yahoo.com and that I should check the headers to see who to report it to...

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