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I've just created a new ISP connection and it seems that my IP is listed in APEWS's database and some mailservers do not accept emails from my ips (block me) because of that.

I would like to be removed from APEWS's database.

The ip is:

Thank you!

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APEWS is/was such a pain we even have a "one buton" response built into the forum software:

There is no connection between SpamCop.net and APEWS. However, because the APEWS FAQ was apparently misunderstood, the following data is provided;


Considering the current behavior and management of the APEWS blacklist, we can only agree with the advice given at Al Iverson's DNS RESOURCE -

If you are listed on the APEWS blacklist, as confirmed by checking their website, here's how I would recommend that you handle the situation. (Who the heck am I?)

Note: This isn't guidance on how to avoid a blacklisting or sidestep anti-spam groups. If you have a spam issue, fix it. Don't spam, ever, for any reason. This is information is regarding how to address an issue with a blacklist that is very aggressive at listing non-abusing IP addresses and networks, with no published, attainable path to resolution.

- read it at: What to do if you are listed on APEWS


Anway, your IP is clear on the real blacklists - http://www.robtex.com/rbl/

If anyone is actually using APEWS, invite them to get a clue.

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