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Blue line vs Green bar


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I noticed for a long time that the reporting blue line was (almost) always above the top of the submitted green bars; this at least seemed to make sense to me since quite a few of my quick report feedbacks list 2 to 4 outgoing reports to ISP's per submission.

Lately I've noticed the opposite -- how can there be more submissions than reports unless there are tons of bad submissions? It seems that the reporting system is still working as it always did at least in response to my reports; the blip in the green bar with the corresponding rise of the blue line above it at ~12:00 today is the response to me dumping my 'overnight' spam of ~4K spam.

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how can there be more submissions than reports

Easy answer .... no one will / can answer your question.

Users can't as they don't know.

Moderators can't because they haven't been told anything about what's behind those colored items.

This Admin has been instructed not to pass on what he does know.

Paid-staff simply will not tell you.

What is actually being tracked is an unknown. What changes may have been made to that selected data is an unknown. Whether those charts reflect 'all' the Parsing & Reporting servers involved, 'all' the e-mail servers involved, 'all' the routers involved, or some subset of the whole system is unknown. Whether there is an actual problem with the e-mail server(s) keeping up with Report generation is unknown.

Historically, it has been stated/suggested that spammers do not ignore the possibilities of trying to jam the system up themselves. Another possibility is that way too many submittals are resulting in lousy WHOIS lookup data such that there are no outgoing reports for those submittals. The last couple of weeks had a number of MailWasher users asking about problems with their submittals, thus offering yet another source for the imbalance between submittals and outgoing Reports. It could be yet another massive influx of new users that haven't gotten the submittal process figured out.

Recall, the basic reason I put that grahic/link up there was simply so that folks could find out if the Reporting system was alive at all .. the problem being that if spamcop.net went off-line, there was no way to go to spamcop.net to look at the charts found there to see if it was up or not <g> The grahic 'here' is on another whole system on the opposite U.S. coast, owned and maintained by other people/another company.

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Thanks for the response -- I actually didn't expect a REAL answer and was more or less just making my musing public.

Sorry. You just ran into a guy that absolutely hates unanswerd Forum posts. In this case, I did the best I could manage. <g>

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