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bad word filtering


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Based on a question / suggestion by qjvgpuryy, pointing out the repeated postings to point out Hormel's preferences about the use of the all caps version of the word 'spam' .... I've added this to the 'bad word filters' with the result that all posted entries of the word 'spam' will end up as being lower case.

Good point; there should be no further need for Moderators to have to point out that the all caps version of the word is not a good thing, especially within this Forum.

Bad point #1; If the word 'spam' starts the sentence, the first letter will still end up being lower case. I don't see this as much of a problem.

Bad point #2; at some future point in time, the software for this Forum will be updated, which will then cause all existing posts to be re-parsed, which will mean that all the existing all caps form of the word 'spam' will be converted to lower case, thus making all those objections, suggestions, pointers to Hormel's request to seem a bit odd and out of place.

Thanks qjvgpuryy !!!!!

Moderators: Un-Pin this in a month or so.

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