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SpamCop Newsgroup Archive data-mining


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As brought up today over in the SpamCop newgroup - [scspamcop] Prepare for a new deluge Bar0

Basically, it appears that spammer is scraping the (original/ancient) newsgroup archives, looking for addesses to send a 'great' offer on advertising on "your" web-page.

As I noted, it appears that most of the in-the-clear e-mail addresses are exposed as part of a Quote action. I haven't done a full check, but I don't believe this 'problem' exists in the version of MailMan I've got running on the current Archiving system. But the silliest thing I see about this spam is that "I" have yet to receive any of it (though noting that I do/did not post into the newsgroup with a valid e-mail address.

If someone else can ever get someone with access to change the Official Help pages to point to the 'current' Archiving system (since November 2006) there might be some heavier incentive for me to go in and try to fix up all the invalid HTML with all those "Old" Archives that were copied to the current server. I've long ago given up on that repeated request.

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