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Cyberspace Command on hold


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From Strategy Page Cyberspace Command Interrupted

...This is a hardware and software system that would enable the Cyberspace Command to monitor, in real time, the security state of all air force networks. If any of these networks were attacked, the Cyber Control System software would immediately alert Cyberspace Command controllers, and recommend a course of action....

What the air force wants to do is be in charge of security for the 11 million Internet users, five million PCs and 12,000 networks belonging to the Department of Defense (which is the largest Internet user on the planet). All the services are scrambling to get their Cyber War defenses strengthened, but the air force wants to be in charge. This effort is not appreciated by the other services....

Presumably the USMC has Sarah Connor on standby ...
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At the rate computer processing power and AI technology is improving, and the rate that human intelligence seems to be deteriorating, it almost seems innevitable that the machines will surpass us eventually... I just hope our digital masters are more benevolent than our current analog ones...

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