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Autoresponder "fix" with MIMEDefang & SpamAssassin

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I post this for others benefit.

If you are having problems with autoresponders causing your site to be black listed then this is a possible solution.

Use MIMEDefang as a milter to your MTA eg sendmail and also install SpamAssassin.

If an email exceeds the required score in SpamAssassin get MIMEDefang to add a header

Precedence: junk - could be junk or bulk or list.

A good autoresponder will not process an email with this Header.

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civeng.adelaide.edu.au' post='66293' date='Aug 22 2008, 12:58 AM']I post this for others benefit.

Infortunately, you chose to post this into the Forum section:

Discussions & Observations > How to use .... Instructions, Tutorials > SpamCop Forum

I can see no relationship to this information being instructional or tutorial as far 'using' this Forum. This is really disjeartening after noting that you did in fact (appear to) look at the How to ask a question entry prior to making this post. Also noting the lack of Operating Systems that thi sstuff is available for, the source/location of the suggested tools, on and on. Again, apparently missing the whole gist of the suggested data inclusions in a post into this Forum.

Moving this to the Forum section titled Suggested Tools and Applications with this post.

Do I really need to point out/ask/ suggest the reading of the Forum FAQ and/or the Announcements as far as the use of an e-mail address for a 'display' name?

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