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dig and whois

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Thanks to efa for the following:

... I prefer opensource software when available.

For 'xComplaint' when run on Win32 I use the package 'dig' from:


as isn't included in Cygwin.

This package contain dig and whois, the standard GNU/GPL Domain Name System and Whois client that you can found on every Linux distro.

So the same complete options are available and you can contribute enhancing the software for the community starting from the source.

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efa, I think that is self explanatory but please feel free to add to the explanation 'over there' if you wish.

The C source for 'dig' come from Bind (the most famous and 90% share DNS) source repository:


The C source for 'whois' come from:


The package at:


consist of the previous source and related dependancy library compiled with Cygwin (http://cygwin.com/) compiler, a port for Win32 of GNU/GPL gcc (http://gcc.gnu.org/)

The binary fornited are:

cygwin1.dll (and old 2006/01/20)













"You still need a file called "resolv.conf" sitting in %systemroot%\System32\Drivers\Etc"

As bonus you get:

host.exe, a simple direct DNS resolver (DomainName 2 IPaddress. You can do the same thing with "dig domain.tld A")

sha1.exe, the best hash for big (2GB and more) files around.

All are really 100% free software.

If you are a poor Win32 only user and do not know much about compiler, as dig isn't packaged with the NullSoft automatic installer that do all that for you, do manually:

0 - Login as administrator

1 - Create a new directory like:

C:\Program files\dig

and expand the binary there.

2 - look in your windows\system32 if you already have a DLL named:


if so, remove the file in C:\Program files\dig\msvcr70.dll

3 - look in your system if you already have a DLL named:


if so and (ONLY) is newer, remove the file in C:\Program files\dig\cygwin1.dll

4 - remove the file:

C:\Program files\resolv.conf

5 - create and empty file in:

WinXP/Vista: c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\resolv.conf

Windows 2000/NT4: c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\resolv.conf

"With this empty file present, dig will use the Windows default system DNS server."

6 - Click..Start...Run... type control...in Category "Performance and Maintenance", System, Advanced, Environment Variables.

Look in the botton half of the screen, "System/Common variables" section.

Double click the variable PATH to enter edit mode. Append:

;C:\Program files\dig

to the Variable value.

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