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Security and free webmail


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Darned convenient, being able to send and receive email from 'anywhere' with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail - the generous storage allowances even make it feasible to stash considerable volumes of data there for retrieval from just about anywhere. But not without risk - Recovering (someone else's) Email Password

... what if you're in need of hacking in to someone else's free Internet email account? What about if you don't want the owner of the account to know you're interested in getting their password and gaining access to their account? Well, in this age of hacking-as-a-service, you'd be right in guessing that it's pretty easy to engage on-demand 'password recovery' hacking services.
Nothing new but worth remembering - and the power, stealth and accessibility of these 'handy' recovery services just keeps on increasing. Security on large, public, facilities is pretty much a matter of 'safety in herd numbers' (though strong passwords can help a bit) - what are the odds? Just don't make a practice of standing out from the herd.
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