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Phasing out '%' in email usernames


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Updated post

Support for '%' notation is actually back now. It isn't supported by our mail server software by default and creating custom patches to support it was making it more difficult for us to do security upgrades. However, we found a way to support it without patching the mail servers so it will keep working for the few users who still need it.


Original post

We have phased out support for using a percent (%) sign instead of an at sign ([at]) for login usernames. If you have been using the 'username%spamcop.net' format for logging in to POP or IMAP, please switch to 'username[at]spamcop.net' or you will have problems connecting.
The percent sign alternative was originally used because buggy old e-mail clients did not support "[at]" in the username field. Modern clients do not have that problem.

copied from post by trevorb in the SpamCop Email System & Accounts forum at Phasing out '%' in usernames - any replies should be posted to that topic

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