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Spammers are Dumb


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So far today I have received 3 spam similar to this Wachovia phishing trip. This is better than the 7 I got yesterday.

I finely looked past the Subject and found this proof of literacy:

"Citigroup announced a buyout of Wachovia brokered by the FDIC moments ago.

All Wachovia bank locations will be in the Citigroup merger to prevent failure of Wachovia.

The Citigroup/Wachovia would focus on upgrading banks' security certificates.

All Wachovia customers must... "

A grain of truth, then the hook. OK so the news is old. They just read slow, but at least one of them can read (or knows someone that can)! The fact that I got 3 slightly different Subjects, to 3 unused addresses and don't have a Wachovia account proves the other point - can read but are dumb.

I fear that the bate will work for others. Hope it doesn't cost them too much. :(


Just checked its not a phishing trip. The sight has a payload for download "new security", etc. PhishTank.com has already flagged two of the three sights as having a virus.

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...I am getting 1-3 an hour since yesterday, somehow they figure the more they send the more likely you'll take the bait... I am annoyed....

Yap I spoke to quickly, my count is up to 12. Your just lucky I guess.

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