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how to fight this kind of spam


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The bigger question is why did you send the report in the first place, instead of cancelling the report. If you were using Quick reporting, then you have no way to cancel a report, but the question still remains, that you knew SpamCop was having problems handing Yahoo intermediate servers. Based on that knowledge you should NOT be using QuickReporting at all, until you know that the basic problem has been fixed.

And this is at least the second time this suggestion has been made.

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sorry, i just follow simple customers logic: there's a button which should be pressed.


...A reasonable but, in this case, faulty approach. Please see SpamCop Wiki entry "ReporT." Note, especially, the line that begins, "Note: These reports are not sent automatically." There is also similar wording on the web page from which you submitted your request for a SpamCop reporting usercode (see especially the sentence under the heading "Getting Started" and bulleted item number 4).
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