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  1. ...and yet now, due most likely to false reporting (I've taken a look at the 90-day window of reports in the system), I'm seeing several sending IPs of MailChimp's servers on the SCBL. I just disabled all tests for the SCBL on my server, so at least the stuff I want won't be affected, but I run mailing lists for a number of non-profits, and their deliverability will be affected. In my experience, the SCBL is worthless (YMMV).
  2. ...and yet now, due most likely to false reporting, I'm seeing several sending IPs of MailChimp's servers on the SCBL. I just disabled all tests for the SCBL on my server, so at least the stuff I want won't be affected, but I run mailing lists for a number of non-profits, and their deliverability will be affected. In my experience, the SCBL is worthless.
  3. He will indeed be both rememered and missed.
  4. I used Constant Contact's services for about five years with several non-profits, but have moved on to MailChimp, as on any given day, a number of CC's outbound server IPs are listed on the SCBL, which caused deliverability problems. The links in commercially-broadcast emails are almost all encoded to give the senders useful tracking info about open rates, click-through rates, and list segment targeting. The reputable broadcast email providers take various measures to avoid harboring spammers, but as their lists aren't all double opt-in, customers who don't follow the rules can add purchased/harvested addresses and cause problems. DT
  5. I've heard good things about using Anti-spam SMTP Proxy (ASSP) to filter/block. I have a VPS with cPanel and my rbls + SpamAssassin just aren't doing the trick any more, so I'm looking at a third party who installs ASSP Deluxe onto cPanel/WHM setups to make my life easier. Here's the Wiki page on ASSP: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-Spam_SMTP_Proxy and the sourceforge link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/assp/ DT
  6. ...and that worked as well. I think you've managed to fix another of the most significant bugs here--thanks!
  7. It worked. Now post something to "Now is the time," which I've been trying to follow for a while. If that doesn't arrive, then either there's a problem with existing subscriptions and we'll all have to resubscribe to everything, or there's a problem with following/subscribing to a non-public forum.
  8. I received the test, and have just followed this topic, so we'll see. I'm very selective about which topics I follow, but haven't been receiving notifications on some that I'm sure I'm subscribed to (such as in Memberp). In my settings, I have the first four notification options set to email, including the most applicable: "Notification method to use for replies to followed topics"
  9. Thanks. I received my first notification of a "personal conversation" since the big move. I think that notifications about topics being followed are still broken, however.
  10. We appear to be pretty much on our own here, with Farelf fixing things that the folks in San Bruno should be taking care of and with the benevolent overlords not bothering to drop by here very much or to respond.
  11. The spamvertized URLs in those reports don't resolve to working websites. Perhaps action has been taken? Also, the primary purpose of SC is in dealing with the sources of email spam, not with spamvertized URLs. Looks like a lot of bogus info on the whois for reliefrecoverstrenght.link, which is something you can also use to have action taken. DT
  12. I'm a customer of NameCheap and found them to be both responsive and responsible. I'll need to see some very convincing evidence to think otherwise.
  13. The delete key? Sure, but the crap shouldn't have been allowed through in the first place. It was spammers who used to say "just hit delete" if you don't want our spam, so we shouldn't fall into that same mindset, IMO. And no, life is MUCH too short to spend what little time I have allowing the stuff through and then having to process it--better that it gets vaporized either before it hits my servers or the moment that it does. DT
  14. Control is good, and with adequate scripting, etc., someone who really knows what they're doing can safely utilize a "default" or "catch-all" address, but *only* under those circumstances. In the vast majority of cases, that function should most certainly *not* be turned on for the average domain owner. I'm quite certain that most people stopped allowing everything through many years ago. DT
  15. Please see Rule #3 of "The Rules of spam," to whit: "Spammers are stupid." http://www.pearlgates.net/nanae/rules_of_spam.shtml DT
  16. Then your only recourse is to do as Steve suggested and write to the SC Deputies at deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net and hope they answer soon. DT
  17. As anyone8 wrote, please examine the headers, specifically looking for the Received line involving the receipt of the message by vmx5.spamcop.net and let us know whose "[at]spamcop.net" (or [at]cesmail.net) address appears there. DT
  18. OK, I confess--I'm typically "glass half full" except when I've been shown that something isn't worth the "benefit of the doubt." I've been burned too many times by SpamCop and CESMail issues to be optimistic, so now tend to be more skeptical, jaded, and critical, which isn't my nature. But on the spam-reporting statistics, it's puzzling that they had to throw out the old altogether and replace it, in that most of the reporting wasn't coming from CESMail customers, but your explanation makes sense. DT
  19. But that snapshot was back when the "spamyear" function was working--now it's quite broken, in that the legend only encompasses two months instead of a year. I think the graphs have always been buggy and meaninless, but now they're totally worthless. DT
  20. Oh my, a "catch-all" address? Those went obsolete 10 years ago, scri_pt or no scri_pt. DT
  21. Yes, that's what my testing shows. At my own domain, at least using the GUI fowarding tools in cPanel, it won't let me create a plus address, rejecting the plus character as invalid. I could probably tweak my settings to allow it, but like you, I laboriously eradicated all of my former plus addresses. As for why Cisco didn't tell us--they've not posted much here at all throughout the process, so that's hardly surprising. DT
  22. But wait--isn't the Statistics page we're talking about on SpamCop.net represent ALL reporters--not just the people with CESMail accounts? If so, then it shouldn't have been very affected by the shutdown of the mail service, other than those mail customers not easily reporting from their Held folders any longer. The Statistics page on SpamCop.net has been there for many years, so it's not a new thing. DT
  23. Well, they don't produce a bounce, but here's what happens (I just did some testing): When you add "+whatever" after your userid in your [at]spamcop.net or [at]cesmail.net address, the Cisco forwarding arrangement adds the "+whatever" after the userid of your configured forwarding address. So, if the receiving system can handle "plus addressing," then you're OK, but most cannot (including mine). So, it's effectively broken/unsupported. DT
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