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OutLook Again


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At the office, I use LookOut!, er, Outlook (2003, I think). Fortunately we presently seem to be pretty well filtered against spam, but for the little that I do get I have installed a product called PocketKnife Peek (which I believe Farelf put me onto). It saves you a bit of work by letting you get at both the body and the header from the same dialog. It does not, alas, undo the damage done by Exchange or Outlook, nor does it solve the problem described in the link above. Still, it does greatly simplify submissions via the SpamCop web form.

-- rick

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Just saw a new message on SC reporting page. It is visible after you log in.

Microsoft Outlook Users Please Read

I'll guess that this is a response to the latest newsgroup post asking for yet another 'signpost' to thus issue. On the other hand, I see that the referenced FAQ entry still has a number of issues that have yet to be corrected.

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