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[APEWS]Blacklisted in many pages that have expired


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My IP: has listed in the following pages:

BLARSBL(not very reliable): Blocked! (

ICMFORBIDDEN: Blocked! (*** Can't find No answer)


JAMMDNSBL: Blocked! (

LBL: Blocked! (

ORDB(not valid anymore): Blocked! (

REGEDIT64(not valid anymore): Blocked! (

SPAMBAG: Blocked! (

YBL(not valid anymore): Blocked! (




I visited the mayory of the pages and many of them has expired.

I've consulted http://www.dnsgoodies.com/ if my server is a Open relay and it isn't.

How or where I can request that they extract me of the black lists of spam?

Please, help me. It's very important to us.

Thanks and best regards.

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My IP: has listed in the following pages:

How or where I can request that they extract me of the black lists of spam?

Please, help me. It's very important to us.

This is the only publically viewable evidence by spamcop:

Submitted: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 15:54:28 -0400:

NEW CHARACTER!!! from Exciting Figures

4034349783 ( ) To: rfeijoo[at]gigared.com.ar

There is no central BL management. You would need to request delisting from each list individually. That is one of the nice things about SpamCop, listing and delisting is all automated... when the spam stops, so does the listing. Most of thost lists you show, I have never heard of, not sure how widely used they are. Are you seeing rejections because of those lists?

If the list is not valid anymore, then likely every IP is showing as listed. That is often how a list manager will alert anyone using that list to stop using it because they will likely not be getting any mail.

Your biggest problem is likely APEWS.org, but that is an issue for your provider as they have listed the entire /16 block and have for almost 2 years now. If you are a new customer, I would find another provider or another range immediately.

Oooops is currently listed in APEWS :-(


Entry matching your Query: E-202315


CASE: C-130

One or more bots in ASN / CIDR, unprofessional / negligent owner



Entry created 2007-06-04

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The following is more applicable to the listing of a single IP address. As Steven says, the long-term listing of the entire /16 block (for 2 years) is a different matter. For what it is worth, our 'standard' advice on APEWS follows: There is no connection between SpamCop.net and APEWS. However, because the APEWS FAQ was apparently misunderstood, the following data is provided;


Considering the current behavior and management of the APEWS blacklist, we can only agree with the advice given at Al Iverson's DNS RESOURCE -

If you are listed on the APEWS blacklist, as confirmed by checking their website, here's how I would recommend that you handle the situation. (Who the heck am I?)

Note: This isn't guidance on how to avoid a blacklisting or sidestep anti-spam groups. If you have a spam issue, fix it. Don't spam, ever, for any reason. This is information is regarding how to address an issue with a blacklist that is very aggressive at listing non-abusing IP addresses and networks, with no published, attainable path to resolution.

- read it at: What to do if you are listed on APEWS


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...This "thread" was posted to SpamCop Forum "SpamCop Blocklist Help," which is identified as a [emphasis mine] "forum to help those who use or have had their e-mail blocked based on use of the SpamCopDNSBL by the receiving ISP." Since this seems to have nothing to do with the SpamCop BL, I am moving it to the "SpamCop Lounge" SpamCop Forum.

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It very clearly says to post in the spamcop newsgroup, as well as other places, to resolve a listing on the APEWS. I don't know why they did that. Perhaps because, if you do have a spam problem, there are people here who can help you fix it. If you want help on how to fix the spam problem, please post your questions.

The reason you are listed apparently is because there are users on your network who have infected computers.

If you are interested, there was some advice recently to another server admin who had a problem with an infected computer.

Miss Betsy

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