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Growing spam

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Hi. Wondering if someone could help. i'm very new to spamcop and have been reporting all the spam using the webmail system. However, this morning I had 130 new messages and only 15 of them weren't spam. In an ideal world this is what I would like to happen.

1. I could have all my mail forwarded to me from spamcop but only that which is not spam. i am using outlook so once the spam email gets into my email box I have to then go back to the spamcop website and report it this way. At the moment i feel the only benefits i am getting from spamcop is that no spam is coming to my ISP's inbox but I still have to forward male that isn't spam manually. Any suggestions on how i can reduce my time sorting through my mail and having spam dealt with in a more efficient way would be greatly appreciated.


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This link might help you get started Examples of how others use spamcop

If you have any questions about how others use it or how you could use their methods for your specific situation, please ask.

The object of a spamcop account is to reduce the numbers of spam in your inbox, not to reduce the number of spam total. Some people, it is true, receive too much spam in their held mail to report easily, but there are enough reporters that only reporting a portion (the latest 25, for instance) is enough of a contribution to keep the spamcop blocklist working well.

Tweaking your filters and using your whitelist should make most of the spam disappear from your inbox.

Miss Betsy

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Keep in mind that some of us, like myself, have been turning the filters to max and reporting for several years and still get on average a few hundred to over 1000 spam e-mails daily. Trick is to report in bulk as many as you can, but don't expect to see a reduction. Spammers are constantly figuring out ways to defeat filters and once your e-mail add gets on their list it just propagates and multiplies like a virus. Some spammers even poison such lists with Spamcop users on purpose to cut on their competition.

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