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Firefox exploit patched


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(Especially) since Firefox is a recommended/supported browser in connection with the 'Reporting and Parsing' service ...

A 'zero day' exploit was announced:




The requisite patch was released 'yesterday' (for some value of that tag for the majority - who live permanently in my past anyway), warranting its own version number (3.5.1):

http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox...1/releasenotes/ (with download link).

This zaps several add-ins, including Google toolbar (darned if I can recall how it ever inveigled itself into my setup anyway, so good riddance*).

[* on edit - yet still it lives! The tenacity! Oh well, the 'spanner' icon (RH side) of the Google toolbar accesses the 'uninstall' process - an alternative is to bury it at a crossroads with a wooden stake (and/or a silver bullet) through its heart and at the same time the intonation of the phrase Requiscat in Pace in suitably sepulchral tones might not go astray either, YMMV on any and all of the foregoing.]

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...And now there's a vulnerability announced in 3.5.1 ...
Some say it's true ... some say it's false - Mozilla Downplays New Firefox Bug. The truth is out there (somewhere) but safe to say no real world exploits have yet been incontrovertibly demonstrated.

I hear avian carriers are fairly safe. And brave too - some got medals for it. But I digress.

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Sorry I don't remember the post was about 3.5.1 the current version is 3.5.7 I haven't had any problems.

Maybe you should uninstall and start over.

is firefox crash possible due to this update? I am having so much of troubles. firefox is getting crashed in every 5 mins!

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