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I LOLed at this


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Of all the places to have a drop email box, wouldn't one think that spamcop would be one of the fastest providers to shut them down?

Of course, there is always the possibility that this is a joe job, since the email contains absolutely no details or website links with regard to what junk they are trying to get me to buy.

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...the username seems a bit generic.
Responds in SMTP session with a

Delivery delayed temporarily (#4.7.1) [unfavorable reply code, cannot continue]

rather than

sorry, no such user here (#5.7.1)

Not sure how to interpret that but I'm supposing a real address with greylisting would do that?

Member Fred Showker's website is presently the only Google hit for that address (in quotes) - the 169_spamcop.html page - due to the vagaries of the search algorithm (that actual address is not on the page but that's OK, he invites spam to his real address in any event).

I really don't know enough but yeah, certainly chucklesome as Will says.

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