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Latvian ISP Blocked - One Small Step


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After links to cybercrime, Latvian ISP is cut off

A Latvian ISP linked to online criminal activity has been cut off from the Internet, following complaints from Internet security researchers.

Real Host, based in Riga, Latvia was thought to control command-and-control servers for infected botnet PCs, and had been linked to phishing sites, Web sites that launched attack code at visitors and were also home to malicious "rogue" antivirus products, according to a researcher using the pseudonym Jart Armin, who works on the Hostexploit.com Web site. "This is maybe one of the top European centers of crap," he said in an e-mail interview.






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Well, that's got to be good news, thanks Rod. As the article says:-

Observers expect to see the criminal activity linked to Real Host resume soon, but they say that the takedown puts some pressure on the bad guys and the networks that provide service to them. "The precedent that's being set right now is that you need to take some responsibility for your network," said Lawrence Baldwin, owner of security research firm Mynetwatchman. "There actually are some consequences now for allowing an obviously heavy concentration of criminal activity on your networks. It's just not going to be accepted anymore."
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I didn't notice a drop in email spam, but there was a major drop in forum registration bots!

My blank email spams seem to have dropped off to one a week instead of dozens a day?

Other spam has also gone with only Brazil still attacking my email address

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