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Spamcop email server error - disk full

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The Email Service says everything seems OK.

My mail is working fine.

Unfortunately, that's all I know.

Just so there's no confusion... I work for the reporting side of SpamCop, which is a completely separate company from the Email Service you have your account with. If the problem is not about spam reporting, all I can offer is advice.

Your contact at the Email Service is: support[at]spamcop.net

- Don -

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What is your setup? Are you receiving mails directly to you[at]spamcop.net, or are they going to a different email address and being forwarded?

Are you reading your emails using spamcop webmail? POPing it? IMAP? Are you forwarding it to another service?

Where are these log files you are referring to? As far as I know, the spamcop mail service does not provide any kind of log files.

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