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Gregory Bryant & Associates


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Hi, all.

Well, something new happened today... I got a phone call from Gregory Bryant & Associates, a company that is widely associated with home mailing program spam, credit card processing spam, and music sales spam.

The person claimed that they don't send out spam, and had no idea that one of their 'affiliates' was sending spam 'in their name'.

Yeah, let's see... this spam has been going out for at least a year, and this is the first you've heard of it? You've never Googled your own company name and witnessed the plethora of results related to your company and spam? You've never gotten a bounce email because you're all over the Block Lists? You've never gotten an angry phone call?

Not likely... I think I'll keep reporting any spam I receive. The whole reason they called me is because I reported the spam to the Florida BBB and the Florida State Attorney General, and surprisingly, the BBB actually did something about it (probably because I also reported it to the FL State Attorney General in the same email).

Anybody else have any experiences with Gregory Bryant & Associates?

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You're my hero, HillsCap. I take it the "spam free days" eventually ended? So what was Gregory Bryant & Associates purpose? Credible deniability for their client? Sounds like they are having a hard time on that one. If, on the other hand, they are trying to "get the wood" on you for "damages" to their client they would have an uphill battle as well. There was a case in Western Australia about a year ago where the spammer's case against a spam reporter failed (both happened to be in W.A.) on a fairly primary basis which unfortunately I can'r recall at the moment, also you were reporting the spam to the State (and though I'm no lawyer, I know the State has immunities which must extend to all aspects of the lawful exercise of State powers and prerogeratives).

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Yeah, the spam-free days ended... right now I usually get 10-12 spams per month.

I've got 14 in my spam folder right now (which automatically deletes anything older than 1 month), 7 of which are from Gregory Bryant & Associates. So, I'm leaning pretty hard on this guy.

I can't really talk about it right now, but suffice it to say I'm bringing in a bit of help from my uncle Sam on this one... Sam's very interested in pursuing this spammer... I got a phone call from Sam the other day and am waiting for some paperwork to be delivered from Sam before we can proceed.

I'll tell you all the whole story after it's all over.

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Oh, I also learned a new way to strike back at spammers that only put a phone number in their spam, and not a URL.

The organization that issues telephone numbers and area codes, etc. is called NANPA (North American Numbering Plan Administration). Since Gregory Bryant & Associates is located in FL, this is perfect.

Anyway, I went to the NANPA website, and looked up the telephone company that is responsible for the telephone number that GB&A advertises. Turns out it's BellSouth.

So, I wrote an email to BellSouth, describing the problem with the spammer, and asking if there were any way we could prevent him from using that telephone number... shut off that telephone number, and you shut down the spammer.

The whole reason they're putting a phone number in the spam, and not a URL is because they don't want their website attacked by anti-spammers. And since the number isn't toll-free, there's no real way for anti-spammers to attack it. But, this is a great way... I contact NANPA and BellSouth, include the source code of the spams and ask for help in preventing spammers from being able to effectively market via spam.

Let's hope something comes of it...

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