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Intelligence or plain ole' ignorance?


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Granted, I.m more than a bit biased due to a number of experiences in my past lives with folks that used certain pieces of paper as their weapon, but .... I just can't get the picture out of my mind that there's more than one individual involved here that's still sitting in his/her office with at least one (probably a couple) of degrees hanging on the wall, placed so anyone walking into that office could plainly see that the person-in-charge was supposed to be considered as and treated as 'really, really' smart ....

Noting that the radios mentioned include the mode of serving as 'emergency warning' devices, automatically turning on to deliver warnings of impending events, i.e., tornados, lightning storms, dangerous fog levels, etc ... and yes, to include flooding ....

Marshall County weather radios need to change frequencies

If your weather radio has been silent since yesterday, there's a reason for that.

The transmitter in Marshalltown has been taken off line until flood waters recede. The same thing happened for a period of time last year.

Unlike last year, when the transmitter was set up at RACOM, this year the transmitter will simply remain offline until the Iowa River recedes to a level below 17.5 feet, according to Kim Elder, assistant coordinator for the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency.

"It takes so long to move the equipment hook it up, take it back down and put it back into place that the National Weather Service decided not to do that this year," she said.

The National Weather Service is planning to move the transmission spot to a new, permanent location along Iowa Avenue where it will no longer need to be moved because it will not be in a flood-proned area.

Note: last flood data was suggesting that it won't crest until Thursday afternoon, won't fall below flood level until perhaps Sunday ... yet, more rain is expected today (tuesday) and tomorrow ....

And in yet more of the "government is here to help you" scenario ....

Nobody’s messing with my Maid-Rite

The future of Marshalltown's historic icon Taylor's Maid-Rite appears to be in the hands of the state.

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals wants Taylor's to come up with a new process of cooking the meat - after 80 years of doing it the same way.

The restaurant, which cooks 65 pounds of meat at once would be required to use new cookers, valued at $7,000 each, that would only allow them to prepare 20 pounds of meat in an hour.

Switching to a new way of operating would force them to close, according to owners, Don and Sandra Taylor Short.

Stemming from a federal administrative law, it's clear that the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals had some basis for its ruling.

But Taylor's owners say the decision is not based on factual data or historic precedent, as there are no reported incidents of food-borne illnesses from foods prepared with the traditional Maid-Rite cooker.


While we agree there is a place for federal and state regulation when it comes to food safety and inspection, we believe in some cases it is better to still with the old adage - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

At this time, there is an amendment to a finance bill headed to the Gov's office that exempts/allows this chain to continue with their 80-year old method. Theu have such a devoted following that they pack those things up with dry-ice (OL, they used to use dry-ice) and ship around the world. Send a Maid-Rite! A Local Delicacy Delivered To Your Door The last big controversy these faolks had was a year or two back when they finally decided to make a major change to what was 'allowed' in the building .... And now after 70 yrs - ketchup is now available on the counter!

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Makes you wonder. I wonder who owned the bottom land when they were deciding where to located the Tx? Like deep throat said 'follow the money.'

As for Maid-Rite, would this be a good time for the old saw about making sausage and laws?

Thank you Wazoo for the smile this am.

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