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How stupid can abuse[at]attglobal.net be??


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OK, so I sent this report:


I got a reply that really got me baffled. I verified that it came from AT&T by submitting it as spam itself, see:


First of all, I received it at the address that's mentioned in the From: header of above spam, not through the spamcop report reply system!

Then, the subject was

Hi, arnds, get 80% off, when ordering today. naval the (REF:#_aotsmail_000000123802109)

in other words, not one recognisable indication that this was actually from an abuse department, which almost made me report it as spam too.

But what really knocked me off the chair was the contents, which you can see if you click on "View entire message" in the second link above. The gist:


Thank you for taking the time to inform us of this situation.

However, we cannot take any further action

until you provide us with the actual connection logs.

These connection logs will include the complete IP

address, date, time and time zone associated with the

abusive action. Only with this information can we

identify the responsible individual.


Ticket has been Closed

WTF?? All the information they ask for is in the spamcop report! If this was some tiny backyard provider, fine, but AT&T?

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Seems like they got their wires crossed, treating a spam complaint like some sort of network attack complaint. Looks like they have recently been on the SCbl but have shut that IP address down now - and the CBL is showing they have an infected machine on their network - so I'm guessing they actually know all about it and are taking action. Maybe they were just having a 'bad hair day'?

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FWIW, I received two replies like this from attglobal.net (2010-04-15 and 2010-05-06). Bizarrely, they pulled the To addresses out of the spams and sent the replies to those, not to the 'id AT reports.spamcop.net' addresses.

Mine came from attglobal.net (not .be).

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