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Humour - funny spam messages


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Once in a while I get a spam message which makes me laugh because of the poor English, this is one such:

From: Herbal Worldwide

Subject: Huge-ass pole with daily medication

It took me 3 reads to actually understand what it intended to convey.

My first reading made me think of a hugely over-sized suppository applicator.

My second reading made me think of a large male nurse from Poland.

If all spam was so funny, I probably wouldn't mind!


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Sorry Dr. A but the bloke you responded to turned out to be a spammer - he came back and added some blatant SEO-mongering to his signature prompting removal of that post (and the dispatch of self-homing attack wombats in his general direction), leaving your reply sitting "like a shag on a rock" as we say hereabouts. But it does sort of stand by itself as an explanation to others who genuinely may not understand contemporary American vernacular yet unaccountably possess a desire to rectify that deficiency. (And, OK, I made up the bit about the killer wombats.)

I'm not sure if it is sufficient atonement but I offer an example of unintentional though slightly ambiguous honesty in this Euro-lottery 419-type scam: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z4523306705z1...;action=display

"********This notice has been strictly verified by the Head Anti-Scam Lottery Commission (anti-fraud unit spain ), ..."

Why yes, I'm sure it has - as a scam.

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