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A geopolitical milestone of sorts


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I'm not sure whether they've yet figured out how to keep the electric grid running all day, but apparently there is enough of a window for me to have gotten my first known spam coming from Iraq (although the WHOIS data lists the contact as being in Berlin, and they've included no e-mail address to which SpamCop could report).

(tracking link)

-- rick

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Hmm ... if asked nicely (Queried whois.ripe.net with "-B"...)

inetnum: -


person: Kiyam Kadir


changed: kiyam[at]gorannet.net 20090408

Not exactly begging for contact and (of course) nothing registered with abuse.net, also gorannet.net runs a catch-all on e-mail addresses so there's no telling whether current and actually read.

Looks like this /19 is reasonably well-known to SC (composite list):

Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports

So far as I can see SCbl entries always coincide with CBL entries which say something like

IP Address is listed in the CBL. It appears to be infected with a spam sending trojan or proxy.

It was last detected at 2011-01-09 03:00 GMT (+/- 30 minutes), approximately 4 days, 29 minutes ago.

If this IP address is NOT a shared hosting IP address, this IP address is infected with/emitting spamware/spamtrojan traffic and needs to be fixed. Find and remove the virus/spamware problem then use the CBL delisting link below. ...

. Since SC spamtrap hits are also seen then presumably these really are zombies sending to spam lists. Then there's Geek's experience which seems to endorse that likelihood.

I wonder if SC might like to try the Kiyam Kadir address? Maybe not, can't think that gorannet.net is unaware of continual widespread CBL listings and very frequent SC listings.

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