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[Resolved] Who is Don D'Minion and is this email real or Pfishing?

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I got this email from a Don D'Minion. Is this real? Does this guy work for SpamCop? Should I follow his instructions?

<copy of email>

Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2011 06:37:51 -0600 [07:37:51 AM CDT]

From: SpamCop Admin <service[at]SpamCop.net>Add service[at]SpamCop.net to my Address Book

To: Chuck Herrick <cherrick[at]spamcop.net>Add cherrick[at]spamcop.net to my Address Book

Subject: [spamCop Message] Mailhosts 5563572527

Priority: High Priority 1 (Highest)

Headers: Show All Headers

I am sorry to report that spammer tricks are getting better every day, which means the

spam you are submitting cannot always be processed correctly by our system.

Unfortunately, that results in SpamCop accepting forged information supplied by the

spammer, and causes our parse to accuse innocent bystanders of being the source of the


Please review the enclosed information about our Mailhosts system, with particular

attention to the last two paragraphs. And please retain the current subject line in

*ALL* correspondence about this issue.

You can compensate for the spammer tricks by running our Mailhost configuration utility

so that SpamCop can create a list of the services that handle your email so that our

system will know what servers to trust when you report your spam. You'll need to

configure a host for *all* the providers you receive mail through.

That would include any webmail hosts, such as Yahoo, HotMail, or gMail, and forwarding

services like Bigfoot or Sneakemail, and any other services that provide you an email

address, such as alumni associations or professional associations.

You can accomplish that by logging into your SpamCop account at http://www.spamcop.net

and using the Mailhosts tab to tell SpamCop about *all* of your service providers,

forwarding services, and webmail hosts.

You only need to register one email address for each network/host/service that provides

you an email address. SpamCop doesn't care about email addresses or domains. It only

wants to know about the hosts/services that supply you with email services.

Registering your email providers is pretty much the same as reporting spam, except that

you return our test emails to a different address, or copy/paste them into a different

form. The instructions are contained in every test email we send.

The Mailhost system is an effective defense against spammer forgeries because when

SpamCop knows about all of your email providers, it can more accurately pinpoint the true

source of the spam. Registering your hosts completely changes the way SpamCop looks at

your spam.

I'm sorry, but I can't allow clever spammer forgeries to fool our system into reporting

innocent bystanders, so I have had to suspend your reporting privileges until you get the

Mailhost configuration completed.

You can still log into your account even though reporting has been disabled. Just ignore

the "disabled" error message and click on the Mailhosts tab.

ALSO... As soon as you're finished, please let me know so that I can reinstate your

account and get you back to reporting spam.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


</copy of email>

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I got this email from a Don D'Minion. Is this real? Does this guy work for SpamCop? Should I follow his instructions?

<copy of email>


</copy of email>

YES and please remove the personal email (use edit)

I'm just a SpamCop Member like you not staff

You need to set up your mailhost or you will be shooting yourself (not spammer)

Just wrote a how to do here (might makes sense?)


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