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Ripe's lack of concern over their domain


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Probably goes hand in hand with this:


But I bring this up because of the thread I posted here:


So, I initiated a query with RIPE: (bold mine)

Subject: Re: NCC#2011072474 website contact

Monday, July 18, 2011 2:20 AM

From: "RIPE Database Manager" <ripe-dbm[at]ripe.net>

Add sender to Contacts

To: Me, obviously.

Dear Colin,

Thank you for your email regarding out of date contact data in the RIPE database.

There may be options we could pursue to check the validity of the contact data in the objects in the RIPE Database. Where we have a direct relationship with the owners of these objects we could request that they update this information. But we do not have a mandate from the RIPE community to allocate any resources to this activity. If you feel this should have a higher priority then you may raise the issue on the Database Working Group or Anti Abuse Working Group or Address Policy Working Group mailing lists. You can find information about the mailing lists here


These are open working groups and views are welcomed from anyone who wishes to discuss relevant issues.

We would also like to point out that many of the objects in the RIPE Database or in a hierarchical structure. If you have an issue with the users of a specific object and cannot find a way to contact them, you can take the issue to the next higher level.

You may search for details of objects in the RIPE Database using the cgi scri_pt on our website at


By default this will return the exact match to the object that you enter. If you wish to find details of the next higher level in the hierarchy use the "Advanced search" facility. Set the "Search level" to "-l First Level Less objects". Then click on "Search" again. You may need to do this more than once until you find the ISP or Local Internet Registry who is responsible for allocating resources to the user who you wish to contact.

If you have any more questions, please contact <ripe-dbm[at]ripe.net>.


Ronen Preisler


RIPE Database Administration.

Original message follows:


Selected action: The RIPE Database

How do I report an invalid whois contact listed in the database?

So let me get this straight, RIPE is the controller for a vast number of IP address's distributed to the area in which they are responsible for, and the community does not want to be bothered with verification that the email address they submit to RIPE for the purpose of contact is valid? Something stinks, and it ain't just in Denmark.
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