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Good heavens Rick, well done any-which-way you slice it. The good news is you may already have passed the mark. I remember a member posting in the newsgroups a while ago about reaching a similar milestone - only to be informed by someone from the "reporting" side (Richard IIRC) that in fact he was well past the number already.

Those of us who are the citizens of constitutional monarchies within the British Commonwealth have an expectation of receiving from HM Queen Elizabeth a congratulatory message (used to be a telegram) on one's 100th birthday. Perhaps other monarchies (especially those currently with queens as their sovereign) do similar. I have little doubt SC would be pleased to perform a similar service for reporters on reaching a suitably exalted milestone of reports but for the real anticipation of bloodshed in deciding who gets to be queen.

You will probably have to settle for the accolades of your peers instead. Again, well done.


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I figure I am probably well over 100,000 in fact, because I go way back to the days before we got serial numbers. Must be at least 10 years that I've been a member. That works out to about 27 reports per day, give or take. I can remember reporting as many as 100 on some days when the Yambo crowd was at it.

For what it may be worth, I now get so little spam that it's closer to 27 reports a month. Does this mean that spam is on the decline? I don't know. I do suppose that ISPs' defenses are much better now than they were 5 or more years back. It's possible that I actually still get a lot of spam attempts, but my providers may be filtering them away at the MX so I would never even see them.

Waiting for that gold-plated can of Hormel's finest from SpamCop HQ.

-- rick

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