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SUGGESTION: change 'report as spam' in webmail

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Hi folks,

Here's an item for the wishlist.

I'd quite like to be able to be able to modify the quick reporting behaviour from webmail, allowing me to check/uncheck spamvertised sites etc without having to cut and paste repeatedly.

Basically, if there were an option to either feed the spam to quickreport (as present), or populate as many Report spam forms as required, that would suit me down to the ground ;-)


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There are reports this is being worked on. I don't know where on his priority list it lies.

You can do it now by using the Forward link at the top of the message list (not inside the message) and forwarding to your submit email address. I have an addressbook entry for submit which makes it even easier. While not one button, it gets the job done.

Hope this helps.

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