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Request: TLS authentication

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(Just to clarify, this post is NOT in regard to secured access for email such as IMAP port 993 and SMTP port 587 access. This request is for TLS authentication which only affects userid/password.)

I would like to request the option of using TLS authentication for the IMAP and SMTP servers be reconsidered?

Some of us have asked for TLS in the past, but at the time it didn't seem a priority over other (needed) features for the email system.

Now that so many of us use smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and other devices that transmit almost exclusively over cellular networks and/or public/unsecured wireless, using (https) webmail seems the only option for complete security.

But webmail is, at least for me, cumbersome to use on these devices.

I'd really prefer to use the email clients on my devices instead, but I'm very reluctant to set them up with only plain text authentication available for my userid/password. TLS combined with the (already available) secured POP, IMAP and SMTP access would close this security hole.

Thank you for your time and (re) consideration of this request.


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