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Error Couldn't Parse Head


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Hi All,

Recently I've been receiving many spam emails, that SpamCop tells me

Error: Couldn't parse head

I use Gmail and use the Show original option and it has worked for many months just fine and now suddenly many spam emails, give me this error in SpamCop.

Here is an example


Is there anything I can do to correct this problem?

Thanks for any help or information,


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Indeed, Chris has identified the exact problem. Here is what it would look like if those defects were not present:


The parser is, inevitably, a bit of a stickler for form. Those headers never came from a regular mail agent but from some half-broken spammer tool, apparently modified by a dyslexic child. Such nuisances seldom last long. Note you are not allowed to "correct" the headers to "help" the parser. That compromises integrity. You could, of course, send your own report (a self-constructed report) to the abuse address found.

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