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[Resolved] No reporting addresses found for

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Engine should really be taught how to deal with RIPE's -B flag, ...

inetnum: -

netname: OTS115335

descr: LTP bv

descr: Amstelveen

country: NL

admin-c: RO857-RIPE

tech-c: RO857-RIPE


notify: ip-reg[at]kpn.net

mnt-by: AS286-MNT

changed: ip-reg[at]kpn.net 20061206

source: RIPE

person: Robert Oortwijn

address: LTP bv

address: Porf. W.H. Keeomlaan 10

address: 1163DJ Amstelveen


e-mail: r.oortwijn[at]ltp.nl

phone: +31 (0)20-3050400

fax-no: +31 (0)20-3050409

notify: ip-reg[at]kpn.net

notify: r.oortwijn[at]ltp.nl

nic-hdl: RO857-RIPE

changed: ip-reg[at]kpn.net 20061206

source: RIPE


descr: DE-XLINK-193-141

origin: AS286

mnt-by: AS517-MNT

mnt-by: AS286-MNT

mnt-routes: DTAG-RR {^+}

mnt-routes: MDA-Z {^+}

mnt-routes: ARCOR-MNT {^+}

mnt-routes: CIP-MNT {^+}

mnt-routes: DTAG-RR {^+}

mnt-routes: VIADE-MNT {^+}

changed: wb[at]xlink.net 19950507

changed: wb[at]xlink.net 19950728

changed: zeidler[at]xlink.net 20020603

changed: joerg[at]xlink.net 20021030

changed: handke[at]xlink.net 20030225

changed: beri[at]EU.net 20030225

changed: axel[at]xlink.net 20050317

changed: axel.griessmann[at]de.kpn-eurorings.net 20050802

changed: axel.griessmann[at]de.kpn-eurorings.net 20060606

changed: kpn-ip-office[at]kpn.com 20110412

source: RIPE

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