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Hi, svanslyck,

...Regrettably, I can not answer your question directly because I am not a SpamCop e-mail user. But I do see a SpamCop Forum article "SpamAssassin's SUBJ_ILLEGAL_CHARS" that might have a hint of a solution (although blunter than you are requesting). There's StevenUnderwood's suggestion in SpamCop Forum article "Spamcop e-mail service - blocking by charset."

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Hey thanks. I've done checked out them-thar articles. Um. I decided to test for a self-defined header of "HEAD_ILLEGAL_CHARS" and if it == 1 then dump the message to held mail for review if and when I get a round tuit. We'll see what happens. Now if I could just do this on my smartphone's K9-based app too....

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