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Hi, my site was accused of phishing and I would like to know wich are the best practices in order to avoid this. I work for an online agency with lead generation, and we operate 100% legally.

The site is hosted at unbounce at http:/ /ads.cookieweb.com.br/brad-hiff/.

Nice if someone can help.

Note: hyperlink intentionally broken by Steve T.

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Hi, ferbr,

...It appears that you missed the note in the SpamCop Forum in which you posted this, the FAQ Under Construction Forum, the note that reads "Please do NOT post any general questions in this Forum." I have taken the liberty of moving this to the SpamCop Lounge which seems the best fit.

...In answer to your question (and please be advised that I am no expert on the subject), it depends on what caused the phishing. Did it appear to come from you or does it appear to have come from a customer? If you, what is the evidence that it came from you - or are you admitting to phishing (perhaps unintentionally or in innocence of its negative aspects)? If it came from a customer, do you have an Acceptable Use Policy in place that says that customers may not spam or phish or otherwise commit acts of internet abuse and does it indicate the actions that will be taken upon an accusation?

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Could be your server was hijacked and had "eggs" dropped in it without your knowlege.

FTP into it and look for mysterious or new folders and changed-size HTML files for your pages compared with your archives.

I had this happen to me and was so embedded, I had to have the webhost wipe it clean and I re-upload from archives.


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Not an expert but using a few tools - http://ads.cookieweb.com.br/brad-hiff/ presently comes up clean or unrated on


for whatever comfort that provides - sounds like there might have been a link to it in spam mail or on bulletin boards. BUT

not listed in https://admin.uribl.com/

not listed in http://www.surbl.org/surbl-analysis

It is still a good idea to audit the site files, as suggested by Geek! Other than that, we would need more of a clue about the nature of the complaint, as noted by Steve T, before anyone could offer further suggestions (IMO).

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