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And such an interesting assignment according to RIPE:

inetnum: -
descr:		  Pacific Network
country:		US
admin-c:		JA3035-RIPE
tech-c:		 JA3035-RIPE
status:		 ASSIGNED PA
changed:		bd[at]webexxpurts.com 20111025
source:		 RIPE
mnt-routes:	 MNT-WEBEXXPURTS

person:		 Jay Anderson
address:		100 Technology Dr
address:		Asheville
address:		North Carolina
address:		28803
remarks:		USA
phone:		  +14086774567
nic-hdl:		JA3035-RIPE
changed:		bd[at]webexxpurts.com 20100902
changed:		bd[at]webexxpurts.com 20110418
source:		 RIPE

American based company leasing a RIPE allocation?

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