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The support.me/logmein123.com 'phone scam


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After several years of abuse, it seems the LogMeIn folk (marketers and maintainers of the valuable remote assistance tool) are getting serious about clamping down on the abuse of their free evaluation solftware (and even paid accounts), used by scammers to either/both download viruses and flog Windows "support" services to the victims they cold-call with alarming stories of all manner of faults and compromises being detected on their PCs. LogMeIn are also "upgrading" their scary flash warning, the one given before people hand over their PC to the scammers.

Hopefully this particular piece of viciousness, which started several years ago and has really intensified over the past six months, is on the way out. I've posted some ramblings and some data in the test subject:


(includes abuse address and reporting requirements). - just playing around there until the above news posted on the LogMeIn support forum.

Oh well, better late than never. We just need to look out now for some alternative-rival remote assistance facility to come into play. Some say that as many as one in five of those contacted were taken in by the current/last scam - the calls often coinciding with recent "normal" system slow-downs and glitches (some coincidences are predictable, sad though that might be as commentary on the present state of the internet, its users and the devices with which they fly it). Myself, I became suspicious after the 23rd call :D

How did they get your phone number (and usually name)? How do they know you even have a computer? How are those data related? Well, they're NOT! They lie as they always have. It's just good, old-fashioned, confidence trickery in the 21st century, alive and well after a thousand generations. Read my signature.

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Update - http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=82688

Anyone know the failure message when an incorrect code for the remote control download is entered at www.support.me/llogmein.com/logmein123.com? Turning myself into a honeypot to feed scamreport[at]logmein.com seems the least I can do to repay these idiots for their incessant calls (and one code at a time is not enough if I can kid them in to giving me more).

[edit] Ah, never mind, got it. It is

Code does not exist. Please contact your support provider.

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