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Deleting Held Mail

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When I select report and delete, the same email shows up the next time I log in.  How do I get rid of this stuff?  :ph34r:


This is because you don't have a Trash folder.

Here's how to fix it. You only need to do it once:

Login to webmail and delete any message. That will create your trash folder for you. You can change to the Held Mail folder using the selector in the upper right corner if you want. Delete one of those spams.

While you're there, you can look at the other way to report spam. Select the spams you want to report and click the "Report as spam" link.

There are lots of options in webmail which can make spam reporting easier and quicker. Here are some:

  • Turn on preview to see a few lines of the top of every message to make sure they're spam.
  • You can change the number of messages displayed per page.
  • You can set webmail to automatically delete your messages when they are reported.
  • Leave Held Mail sorted by number (#) for the fastest response.
  • The square at the top of the column of squares on the left side of the screens is a "select all" box.
  • If this is all you use webmail for, you can set webmail so it opens the Held Mail folder when you login.

Reporting through webmail is faster than through VER. I just change to Held Mail, click the "select all" box at the top of the column, scroll down the page looking at the start of all the previews to make sure it's spam, and hit the "Report as spam" button at the bottom of the page.


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