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Peaks in Reporting Service Status


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I have been noticing for sometime the daily peak in spam submitted and the resulting peak in reports sent. Just wondering if anyone has done more that a guessing analysis of this.

The peak today was around 0200. The burst are 3x to 4x the "normal" rate and must require a bit of reserve cpu power to deal with.

If this is the result of one, or several, automatic spam dumps from contributors it seems it would be nice if the timing of those dumps could be randomized a little to reduce the peak load. Without affecting the timeliness of reporting of course.

Another reporting possibility may be that the peak reflects "waking-up/reporting time" somewhere in the world with a large number of contributors. Although the quite narrow 4:1 jump makes that seem unlikely.

If the peaks were an artifact of spammers waking-up and turning on their bots I would think the timing of the peaks would be reflected in the arrival of spam in my inboxes, which they don't seem to be.

Just wondering if anyone with more information than a nice graphic had insight.

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