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Ref: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5401385318zd...ba833a71ee9e74z

Reply received

Delivered-To: (me)

X-SpamCop-Reply-Ids: 5848210534

Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2012 19:25:34 +0000

From: Amazon EC2 Abuse <ec2-abuse[at]amazon.com>

Reply-To: Amazon EC2 Abuse <ec2-abuse[at]amazon.com>

To: (me)

Subject: Your Amazon EC2 Abuse Report [58672404010]


Dear Abuse Reporter,

Thank you for submitting your abuse report. Unfortunately, we're unable to identify an Amazon EC2 customer using the source IP address(es) at the time you provided. This can happen when Amazon EC2 does not own the IP address(es) or when the date, time, or time zone that you provided is incorrect. If you feel you have mistyped the IP address or the abuse time, you can resubmit your report via email to abuse[at]amazonaws.com for further investigation.

Source IP address(es):

Abuse time: Sun Sep 16 01:08:36 UTC 2012

Well, I sort of understand, they're trying to be helpful. The reply plus original spam forwarded to the [at]amazonaws.com abuse address anyway, for their attention should they wish to ponder it further - apparently unidentifiable affiliates operating with some immunity, in violation of Amazon TOS, is something they need to bring under control or be dammned for for providing spam relays.
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Now that is odd. That tracking URL does not have the IP they specify on it.

Yeah, I wondered about that, what does that IP address they quoted signify? but DNS services went really weird just before I posted (for my provider, then across half the globe) before I could look into it too much, but I saw it was Amazon anyway and assumed that, despite their protestations, they had somehow looked under the hood of the source mail - another reason to send it all on to their alternate abuse address. Didn't see that it related to their reply either - I will post a cancelled tracking URL for their reply shortly.

[edit] http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z5401947752ze...fdee624a286530z

Ah, I see, it refers to http://www.amazon.com/aws which, sure enough, must be something "under the hood" (AWS=Amazon Web Services) since they suggest the abuse handler at [at]amazonaws.com is the correct one to handle the complaint.

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