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inetnum: -

netname: RU-DANCER-20101210

descr: Dancer LLC

country: RU

org: ORG-DL118-RIPE

admin-c: MK10167-RIPE

tech-c: MK10167-RIPE



mnt-lower: DancerLLC-mnt

mnt-routes: DancerLLC-mnt

notify: admin[at]danpro.ru

changed: hostmaster[at]ripe.net 20101210

source: RIPE

organisation: ORG-DL118-RIPE

org-name: Dancer LLC

org-type: LIR

address: Dancer LLC ul. Chapaeva 83-140 628617 HMAO-Jugra, g. Nizhnevartovsk Russian Federation

phone: +73466407009

fax-no: +73466457828

e-mail: admin[at]danpro.ru

admin-c: IK1537-RIPE

admin-c: MK10167-RIPE

mnt-ref: DancerLLC-mnt

mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT


changed: hostmaster[at]ripe.net 20101115

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20101115

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20101202

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20101207

changed: hostmaster[at]ripe.net 20101210

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20101210

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20110608

changed: bitbucket[at]ripe.net 20110622

source: RIPE

person: Maxim Kapitula

address: 628617 HMAO-Jugra, g. Nizhnevartovsk, ul. Chapaeva 83-140

phone: +7 (3466) 407-009

nic-hdl: MK10167-RIPE

mnt-by: lidertelecom-mnt

changed: info[at]lidertelecom.ru 20101202

source: RIPE


descr: Dancer LLC

origin: AS52015

mnt-by: DancerLLC-mnt

changed: admin[at]danpro.ru 20110411

source: RIPE

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