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[Resolved] When a reported spammer responds


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Of the zillions of spam emails I've reported, I've twice received some kind of response from the spammer's IT... I wasn't sure what to do with/about it. Today I received an email from the spammer with what appears to be a legitimate request to understand what he should do about the problem (though his facts are significantly in error).

He says--

Subject: Spamcop report id:nnnnnnnnnn

To: nnnnnnnnnn[at]reports.spamcop.net

Hello SpamCop user,

It seems that you received complains about xxxxxx spamming.

We do send newsletters to the public (like pretty much all companies) but using only the data from our internal mailing list gathered by newsletters forms on our website and also Facebook. All our addresses where collected by willing participants and they have the opportunity to unsubscribe by clicking on a link.

So I don't understand what I need to do.

Can you explain me the situation.

Thank you.


(I'll be glad to provide actual email with headers, etc., if that is approrpriate.

As for the facts, it would not be possible for this admin to offer up any evidence where I asked to be a "willing participant" to any emails from his company. Further, he would find that I have used their "unsubscribe" mechanism twice in 2011, when the spamming first began. In addition, they would find that their "unsubscribe" mechanism no longer functions, to which I filed an FTC complaint June 28, 2011 (which was ack'd by the FTC July 30, 2011). I have, since that time, reported EVERY email I've received from them to Spamcop... I do archive all emails, but they're a bit of a hassle to pull up. However, I have received/reported _7_ emails from this this month.

So, my real question... ASSuming the guy is trying to do right, how should I handle it? If I reply to his email, I would imagine I will unmask my identity... which could set me up for more spam and/or abuse, but seems necessary if indeed he plans to remove me from their maillist.


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Well, it seems to me that he lied to you about using only opt-in addresses. That, or he's profoundly stupid. In either case I don't know what you would gain by contacting him. If he is crooked, I would not expect your response to stop him, and it might give him some further leverage over you.

Since he responded to the temporary spamcop address given you for this spam, it suggests he might not know your real e-mal address, and this could be an effort to learn it.

So, I'd just let him alone.

-- rick

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...If you are inclined to reply with some helpful information (and corrections), you might do so from a "throwaway" account from a free service such as Yahoo!Mail or hotmail. On the outside chance that the source of the response is really clueless and not, as Rick suggests, just trying to discover your real e-mail address, you might point her/ him to the SpamCop FAQ entry labeled "Am I running mailing lists responsibly? Updated!"

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Thanks for the quick responses. Agreed... exposing my email address is probably not worth it on the off chance he is sincere in wanting to "fix" the problem. In addition, removing MY email address from his db isn't a true fix... addressing their harvesting mechanism, creating double opt-in's, etc., are what he needs to be doing if he's sincere.

I sent a reply using an anon web server, pointing him to the FAQ (thanks turetzsr).

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I sent a reply using an anon web server, pointing him to the FAQ (thanks turetzsr).

...Glad to have been of help! Thanks for taking the time to return here to let us know.

...Since this appears to clear the matter, I shall mark this topic as "Resolved."

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