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System Outages Tuesday, October 18, 2022 ×

[Resolved] Inbox emptied

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I've seen the same, although everything came back in a minute or so. Happened a couple of times on two accounts on separate machines. Both the imap client and the webmail inboxes were empty then reappeared.

Also seeing intermittent server errors - not responding, server out of disk space, unable to save message in sent folder.

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Same here. Email went away. It all came back. Intermittently can not move between folders.

Thanks folks for the problem reports. The problem is resolved. The system is catching up on the queued email.

Some mail may have been soft-bounced/delayed/4xx'ed which is a standard part of the SMTP protocol and requests the sending server to retry.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Write to support[at]cesmail.net and open a ticket if you continue to see problems.

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