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Abuse addy for tinyurl

SpamCop 98

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In my past experience, tinyurl.com is upright legit and takes down spamvertized links post-haste. However, I just reported one and even though the abuse addies were postmaster[at] and abuse[at] deepmedia.nl, sc only logged a report for abuse#he.netdevnull.spamcop.net. I'm sure there is a good reason for this, but it's beyond me.


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DNS resolution for tinyurl may struggle/be a bit variable at the moment - see


and http://pop.robtex.com/tinyurl.com.html#shared

PTR records - rDNS for the Hurricane Electric IPs aren't resolving at the moment either, which probably doesn't help in caches and some other processes (don't know). I'm thinking this might be temporary.

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SpamCop says that tinyurl lives at

Not here. According to the parse in the op and here it says

Host tinyurl.com (checking ip) =


Reporting addresses:



Then, as noted, sc only logs a report for abuse#he.netdevnull.spamcop.net.

I only bring it up as an issue not for variable IPs (I don't dispute that HE hosts tinyURL) but rather I assume tinyURL want these so they can take action. Reports are currently going nowhere.

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...My guess would be what is suggested in SpamCop Wiki article "Why am I sending a Report to SpamCop?" but only the SpamCop folks can tell us for certain. If Don D'Minion (SpamCopAdmin) doesn't happen back here soon with an explanation, you could contact him directly at either the e-mail address he included in the "sig" of his post or e-mail address deputies[at]admin.spamcop.net, which is monitored both by Don and his SpamCop Deputies colleagues.

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