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aceads.com and internetbs.net

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So I own a LOT of domains, some of them I use and some I just leave parked at the registrar for the time being. Beginning about five days ago I am receiving emails for every single one of them that look like this:

SUBJECT: Park [domain]

Domain Registrars often place ads on your new domain that earn them (not you) money. That is why if you do not have your undeveloped domains parked with a separate parking system, your domain registrar is earning revenue off your new asset. Why give your registrar money by parking your domains with them?

When you park with aceads, you are locked in to receive the majority of the revenues that your parked domains generate. Plus, after you have parked the domain with us for a year, we reimburse you for future domain renewal fees. Even if you have a portfolio of over a hundred to several thousand unused domains, parking with our system is easy.

Parking your domains is easy.

Step 1: Simply update the DNS for your domains to:



Step 2: Wait up to 24 hours to allow your updates to the DNS to

propagate and for full DNS Resolution.

Step 3: Type your domain or paste your list of domains into the form

at aceads.com and click "park".

Step 4: Sit back and relax knowing your domains are finally generating

revenue for YOU.

aceads.com is registered with Internet.bs which appears to be the primary (if not sole) registrar for the Bahamas. Does anyone have any experience filing a formal complaint with the registrar of a domain that is flagrantly violating ICANN terms?

"If you believe that Whois data was used as the source of address data for this mailing, we encourage you to complain to the sponsoring registrar. Use of Whois data to send spam is a violation of every ICANN-accredited registrar's terms of use for Whois data." http://www.icann.org/en/node/1145084

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You might check with Knujon one of their objectives is to improve ICANN's response to complaints. Looking at their current report I would not hold my breath waiting for a response, but if you don't complain nothing will change.

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