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Slow webmail logon

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When I log into my SpamCop webmail account, from the time I click "Log in" after typing my username and password to when my inbox appears is an inordinately long time — I most recently measured it at 102 seconds. This happens regardless of whether I'm using Chrome on my MacBook or Safari on my iPod Touch. It seems strange for such a delay to occur in webmail when I experience no such delay POPping my mail. Any idea why it's so slow, or if it can be sped up?


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It sounds like your Held Mail folder might be getting overloaded. When you get in, empty it and see what happens next time you log in.


Thanks for the reply. I empty my Held Mail folder twice a week; it never accumulates more than a dozen messages.

But based on that logic, perhaps I should suspect the 9714 messages in my inbox instead.


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