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Spamcop IMAP VERY VERY flaky

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For the two or three days, IMAP has been failing intermittently - with messages about internal errors.

When my MUA tries to save a draft, it almost always fails, and retrying doesn't help. When saving Sent messages, it often fails, and retrying sometimes helps.

Filing messages or moving between folders works sometimes, and sometimes it fails.

Really really unreliable.

I've been using IMAP for many years, and am using the same client I've been using (Thunderbird) that I've been using for all this time. The IMAP server is giving return codes for internal errors.

Is this being looked at?

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Didn't you see my topic about my empty inbox, and my post of Support's answer about problems with a drive in their array?


No I didn't. Even after reading the whole thread, it wasn't completely obvious. In general, these BBS-clone forums are terrible, and are difficult and slow to navigate. This one is no exception. Technology to you straight from the 80s!

Nevertheless, It would be good if *they* would be the ones to announce their troubles. Or if they actually had an official mechanism to report troubles. User-to-user forums just don't cut it. They set up the twitter feed, but they've said they'll only report complete and total outages on it. "If it doesn't affect everyone we won't tweet about it".

Clueless at best.

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