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All outgoing mail tagged as spam


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Please excuse me if this is in the wrong section but I am not too familiar with SpamCop.

I am trying to set up an email address for an employee, he uses SpamCop as far as I can tell.

All outgoing mail from this new address is marked *****[spam]****.

Any suggestions on how to counteract this?

Many thanks.

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Yes, this is the wrong sub-forum and mostly likely even the wrong venue entirely. spam tagging like that usually happens on the receiving servers, often by open-source spam-filtering software called SpamAssassin, but you haven't given us nearly enough information to help you or determine what might be happening.

When you say that he "uses SpamCop," what do you mean? Most SpamCop users are those who report spam that they have received in order to have anonymous reports go to the ISPs responsible for the source servers from which the spam is emanating. Others purchase and use email accounts from the "Spamcop Email System" (aka CESMail).

But you say you are trying to "set up an email address" for the employee, so what do you mean by that? This particular sub-forum has to do with the reporting of spam.


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...Moved here ("SpamCop Lounge" Forum) from the "SpamCop Reporting Help" Forum pending clarification from OP as to where the "problem" is occurring. Among the leading candidates are the "SpamCop Blocklist Help" Forum if the source of the "problem" is receiving providers and "Geek/Tech Things" | "Software Issues" Forum if the source of the "problem" is the sending provider.

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I'm inclined to agree that the tagging of email subjects looks like something that tools such as SpamAssassin can do.

I believe that SpamAssassin can be configured to check the "Received" headers against DNSBLs such as SpamCop: perhaps a copy of SpamAssassin somewhere has done this and identified a possible problem.

My next step would be to try to identify whether a copy of SpamAssassin at your email providers end or at the recipient's end is tagging the emails.

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