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RFC2142 email addresses not honored


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Not a SpamCop-specific question, so I'll try the Lounge for info from the experts...

RFC2142 (and, I'm sure a few others) call out the need for certain "required" domain email addresses... abuse[at] postmaster[at] and so on. There used to be a reporting site where you could log "non-compliant" domains. It seems to have disappeared several years ago (and I vaguely recall some hubbubb about it at the time). My question is... is there any place to report domains that don't follow the RFC recommendations? I run into quite a few "big name" domains that seem not to give a flying flip.

Most recently, I sent an email to postmaster[at]cvs.com and it bounced with no such address. As a test, I then tried abuse[at]cvs.com. It bounced too. That seems pretty crappy of them to not support either of those very basic addresses.

Have fellow SCers got a way to make these things known? Or am I tilting windmills here?

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I like the idea of such a site, and was sad to learn of the demise of the rfc-ignorant website. At the time of its being shut down, I did learn of another site which was going to take up the challenge of maintaining similar lists, but it seems to have shut down too. :(

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I see RFC2 Realtime Blackhole List - don't know anything about it, it doesn't list cvs.com - but then postmaster[at]cvs.com IS currently a deliverable address:

Email Checker Connection Process

Resolving host name "cvsmail2.cvs.com"...

Connecting to host address ""...

[Whois Lookup - IP Lookup]


Email Verifier Process

S 220 cvsmail2.cvs.com EG5200/SMTP Ready.

C HELO ipaddresslocation.org

S 250 Requested mail action okay, completed.

C MAIL FROM: <info[at]ipaddresslocation.org>

S 250 Requested mail action okay, completed.

C RCPT TO: <postmaster[at]cvs.com>

S 250 Requested mail action okay, completed.

Verified address, not sending email.

The Result of Email Lookup Process

This host states that the address is valid.


postmaster[at]cvs.com is

a valid deliverable e-mail box address.

You could subscribe to their newsgroup and see how active they might be, add domains that need to be added and generally resume the lists (in the jousting sense) as an ingenioso hidalgo :D

Sorry to be late - when I first saw the O/P I thought this had already been discussed somewhere.

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